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The 5 Hacking NewsLetter 9

Posted in Newsletter on June 24, 2018

The 5 Hacking NewsLetter 9

Hey hackers! Here’s our collection of the best resources shared this week by pentesters & bug bounty hunters. It covers the week from to the 15th to the 22th of June.

Have a good reading!

Our favorite 5 hacking items

1. Tutorial of the week

Credential stealing with XSS without user interaction

This is not a new technique, but it’s a good exploitation scenario to show one pratical risk of XSS vulnerabilities. From experience, using <script>alert(0)</script> in pentest reports is not very convincing for clients.
I try to always include proof of concepts that show what exactly is possible on the particular context being tested: redirection, iframe inclusion, cookie theft, credentials theft from the browser, etc.

2. Writeup of the week

Unrestricted File Upload at Apple.com by Jonathan Bouman

This is another example of why recon is the most important part of bug bounty hunting. The process is nicely detailed, from subdomain enumeration to analyzing results and detecting the vulnerable server, and will (maybe) help you improve your own methodology.

3. Conference of the week

Area 41 2018, especially:

I particularly loved Thomas Debize’s talk “Modern Pentest Tricks For Faster, Wider, Greater Engagements”! It presents a lot of valuable tips & tools for penetration testers, that I haven’t seen anywhere else. If you are a professional pentester (or want to be), these tricks would make your life easier.

4. (Free) book of the week

Breaking into Information Security: Learning the Ropes 101 by Andrew Gill

This is a great (and free!) book for anyone starting in InfoSec or who wants to specialize in penetration testing or bug bounty hunting. There’s A LOT to learn, but don’t be overwhelmed. Just start with this introductory book, practice what you learn, read other technical books like Web Hacking 101 and continue practicing.

5. Non technical item of the week

Cons of Bug Bounty

For anyone starting in bug bounty or thinking of doing it full time, knowing what can go wrong and how to deal with it is primordial. Start with this blog post, and also track other hunters’ feedback (on Twitter particularly) on their frustrations and which programs do not treat researchers fairly and are better avoided.

Other amazing things we stumbled upon this week

Videos & Podcasts


Medium to advanced

Beginners corner


You can find the latest bug bounty writeups in our dedicated page: List of bug bounty writeups.
Only writeups that did not make it to this selection are listed below. This does not mean that they aren’t worth reading, just that they are not BUG BOUNTY writeups. We will soon post more details about how our curation process.


Misc. pentest & bug bounty resources

Challenges & Training

Non technical

Twitter feeds


More tweets (Tips)

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