The 5 Hacking NewsLetter 4

Hi, I’m very happy to present you this week’s five items! After a few weeks break due to rich personal circumstances, it is time to resume our weekly shenanigangs…


1. Collection of hacker conferences

This site is a “Hacking conference archive”. It gathers presentation videos and slides from a lot of conferences, documentaries, podcasts and also rainbow tables. I love going through it to discover new conferences and talks from around the world!

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Conference notes: It's the little things (Disobey 2018) & Doing recon like a boss (LevelUp 2017)

Hi, these are the notes I took while watching the “Doing recon like a boss” talk given by Ben Sadeghipour (@nahamsec) on LevelUp 2017.

[UPDATE] I modified these notes after watching the updated version of this talk: “It’s the little things” by Ben Sadeghipour & Jon Bottarini (Disobey 2018).



  • Why: Bigger attack surface, more bugs, more bounties, more problems

Traditional way for finding subdomains (brute forcing)

  • Brute force
    • Sublist3r
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Conference notes: Esoteric subdomain enumeration techniques (LevelUp 2017)

default.png Hi, these are the notes I took while watching the “Esoteric subdomain enumeration techniques” talk given by Bharath Kumar on LevelUp 2017.

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How to scan all ports with Nmap

Hi, today’s tip is an Nmap option. It’s nothing extroardinary but I haven’t been aware of it for years and the day I stumbled on it, it has simply changed my life.
So I’m sharing it with you today on the off chance that you’re not using.

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