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Do you have an offer, a product or an event that you would like to advertize to ethical hackers across the world?

If so, Pentester Land can help you spread the message.
This site’s audience is mostly comprised of bug bounty hunters, penetration testers, developers and IT people interested in offensive security.

About me

My name is Mariem Elgharbi. I’m currently a freelance pentester, known on the Web as the creator and previous author of Intigriti’s Bug Bytes newsletter.

My mission is to share knowledge and facilitate access to hacking resources (such as writeups) that help hackers save time and improve their technical skills.

Website stats

In the past 30 days (as of July 17 2023), this website totaled 2.4M HTTP requests and 400k visits.

Top Traffic Countries were:

  1. The United States,
  2. Vietnam,
  3. India.

And the most visited pages were the Writeups directory and the Homepage.

Previous collaborations

I used to collaborate with Intigriti on a weekly newsletter for hackers.
It was in the form of blog post sponshorship on this site from January 15 2019 to May 27 2020. Then it was rebranded as Bug Bytes and was exclusively posted on Intigriti’s blog from January 17 2019 to June 22 2022.

Sponsorship selection is very important to me, as I will not endorse brands or products that are against my personal principles.

This is why I prefer this type of sponsorship, based on a direct relationship between companies and myself (as opposed to placing random ads with uncontrolled content).

Pricing & Contact

Pricing varies depending on the sponsorship’s duration, type and placement.

I suggest one of these two offers:

 Silver packageGold package
Format- Logo only- Logo
- Short text
- Button
Placement- Homepage (before “Latest writeups”)

- Writeups page (at the top and bottom of the page)
- Homepage (before “Latest writeups”)

- Writeups page (at the top and bottom of the page)

- All Blog pages (at the top of the page)

- Sponsor page (at the top of the page)

- Contact page (at the top of the page)

If you have different requirements, I invite you to contact me to discuss them.
You can reach out to me via email, the contact form or Twitter.

For Individuals

Curating writeups for the writeups directory alone takes a lot of my time. I love doing it in the hope that it helps some of you. But sponsorship would make working on this and new content more sustainable for me.

So if you find this site useful and want to support me, the best way is to spread the message.

Tell your friends about it, and share with your organization this sponsorship opportunity.